I was very fortunate to work with Anthony Davis at UC San Diego. Here is a vibraphone and piano duo that we played together in 2015. The first part is composed, and it opens up into a collectively improvised section.

Here is a clip from “The Oral History of Female Drummers,” organized by Tom Tom Magazine. On March 5th, 2016 a large group of female drummers occupied Brooklyn Museum in NYC. Each performer set up in a different part of the museum and simultaneously performed two hour-length solo sets. A beat boxer visited each drummer briefly for a short musical conversation. This is a short clip of my contribution to this event.
Voices of Our City Choir is a project that I’m currently very involved with. It is a collaboration between musicians from the San Diego Music scene and people experiencing homelessness. Here is our version “Love Rescue Me” by Gregory Porter.
Occasionally I like to participate in the Guitar Center Drum-Off. Here is my 3 minute solo which won the first round at GC La Mesa in 2014.
Glenn Kotche is one of my favorite drummer/ percussionists. This is my version of his solo piece entitled “Monkey Chant,” which was featured in the Peculiar Percussion Concert Series, live at The Hideout.
Another fun clip of Voices Of Our City Choir, rocking out and inspiring the local community to help those in need.
A unique solo percussion piece by Erik Griswold.
The following is a playlist which contains my Master of Arts Recital (2012) in full. Music by Clint McCallum, Jeff Kaiser/ Leah Bowden and Iannis Xenakis:

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